Tipps und Fakten

Plattbodenschiffe mieten? Read our tips and advice

Would you like to know more about renting a flat-bottomed sailing boat? Or are you already preparing for your adventure? We have listed many useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about renting a flat-bottomed boat.

Do you want to sail on the Wadden Sea? Or discover the Frisian lakes? We can guarantee you will have a great time on our flat-bottomed sailing boats. You have probably wondered how you can dry out with a flat-bottomed boat, or how the currents work on the Wadden Sea. Or do you want to know where to enjoy a great meal when sailing through the Frisian waters? We have combined all our knowledge to ensure that you can fully enjoy the adventure.

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Wissenswertes zum Mieten eines Plattbodens

Plattbodenschiffe mieten?

Segelbootverleih auf dem Wattenmeer

Auf einem Flachboot durchs Watt schippern