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Reviews and travel stories

Here you can read reviews and travel stories submitted by our renters. Enjoy beautiful photos and wonderful stories.

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Inge Konings

Rented the De Jan Steen
"Had a fantastic week 21-28 June on the Wadden. Drying out on Monday afternoon and Monday night was magically beautiful. We were the only boat..."


Rented the De Jan Steen
"After years of wandering on the Westwad and sniper hunting trips on the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, we rented from Cor for the..."


Rented the De Goede Hoop
"We had a wonderful week at the Good Hope. It is a cozy and comfortable boat. Highly recommended."


Rented the De Jan Steen
"In the summer we will sail for the sixth time with the Jan Steen! Our children aged 15 and 17 would like to join us...."


Rented the De Goede Hoop
"Cor is a serious propietor who works on a contract basis and fulfills his agreements. Both ships were well maintained and very fully equipped, also..."

Bas and Petra

Rented the De Goede Hoop
"Wonderfully spent almost 2 weeks scraping across the mudflats with ‘De Goede Hoop’. Especially a lot of wind. Although small, it is a very sturdy..."

Thijs Cobben

Rented the De Vrouwe Klaziena
"We have again greatly enjoyed our holiday on the Wad in the first week of August of this year. (…) How beautiful the Netherlands is..."
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